Who should purchase this course?

  • WAITERS and WAITRESSES, to learn the trade.
  • RESTAURATEURS and RESTAURANT OWNERS, to train their staff, save time, and achieve consistency in their establishment.

From the time your guests arrive until they leave, there is so much to know about being a good server. 

Knowing that being a good server means making good tips, what determines the tips?

  • the way you take the order and deliver it, 
  • the way you present the check, 
  • the way you handle complaints,
  • and so much more!

Why did I create this course?

This course is everything that I, miss Coco, wish I had to train my staff when I owned a restaurant, a French bistro-café. As all restaurateurs know, the staff turnover in restaurants is high, and everybody suffers:

  • Restaurant owners, because they train their serving staff hastily and not for the duration – As a result, there is no true consistency or professionalism among waiters and waitresses in general.
  • Servers, because they do not know one tenth of the rules – They could make good money from the tips, but they do not know how to take their skills to some new heights.
  • Customers, who can get frustrated and upset even when the food is good.

This course SOLVES ALL THESE PROBLEMS in one hour. It allows the restaurant servers to get some SOLID and CONSISTENT TRAINING as it covers every single step of a server’s shift, from the time the guests arrive until the time they leave. 

Very comprehensive, to the point, with a bonus in European training and a QUIZ to reinforce the understanding of the course.

Very affordable, ONE-TIME fee, unlimited access.

A powerful tool that no waiter or restaurant owner can miss!

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